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Meet Carolina

I'm originally from Brazil, but I've lived in the UK for more than half of my life so I consider myself to be Half-Brazilian/Half-British.

My first degree was a BA Hons in Creative Writing with Media and Cultural Studies from Kingston University in London. I love the arts, and back then I used to write a lot of poetry and songs and for a long time in my early twenties, I wanted to be a writer.


 By the end of my university years I started developing a very keen interest in health, and that interest started growing a lot and the more I started digging and learning the more I fell in love with the human body and the brain in special.

I started doing a lot of research and started testing a lot of the things I was learning on myself. In my twenties I was addicted to coca-cola and sugar, I had a very sweet and child-like palate.. only super sweet foods were to my liking. Although I was never fat (due to my genetics and young age) I had a very bad diet, I was sedentary, depressed and had no energy.

So the first thing I changed was my diet. I learned that being vegetarian was the way to go back in 2009, so I only ate refined carbs(pasta and bread etc) and vegetables for 2 years. what I noticed was that I had not felt really good on that diet, my body was a bit more flacid and my energy levels had not improved, neighter had my depression.


Then in 2011 I learned about the paleo diet and everything made sense. The instant I switched from a vegetarian diet to a meat and veg diet and got rid of the simple and refined carbs, my body and mind changed sooo much for the better.

That's when I started having so much energy, so much mind clarity. I also started fasting and exercising and just trying so many different things on my body. I was feeling awesome, so much energy and no depression.

Then in 2013 my mother had cancer and died, and after the experience I had with her something clicked in me and I decided that I actually wanted to go deeper into learning about health and I wanted to help people be healthy so they could prevent getting cancer and other chronic diseases that were completely reversable and lifestyle related.



In 2017 I started studying naturopathic Nutrition at CNM(College of naturopathic Medicine) in London UK, also Health Coaching at IIN (Intitute for Integrative Nutrition) in New York, USA.

I worked as a nutritionist for a while but the coaching part fascinated more, so I started coaching mainly men and helping them with their general health and also sexual health. I had a great response but at the same time I was doing my own research on the brain and neuroscience and I was learning so much about sleep, the more I learned about it, the more in love I fell with it and also the more I realised how important sleep is and that most people don't value or prioritise it as it should be.

I realised that sleep is the FOUNDATION of health and that it can positively or negatively impact every single system in the body.


So in 2020, with the pandemic I saw a need to help people sleep better. The amount of people with sleep problems were shocking and there was an epidemic of sleep deprivation that most people didn't know was happening.

I started helping people get rid of insomnia and improve their sleep quality, focus, performance and so on, which had a knock on effect on their health in general. Seeing people get healthy is so rewarding.

I've helped 100's of people improve their sleep with my sleep course, my private, group and couple's coaching and my work is just in the beginning.

Here I am, on a mission to get as many people as possible sleeping well so we can improve our health, avoid disease and get to live our remaining years well and happy.


I've created my Primordial Sleep Lab, which is a video sleep coaching program. It comes inside my Primordial Sleep Lab App. This way you can have me in your pocket! It's a more effective way of coaching and I'd love for you to be part of my tribe.

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