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Our Clients Say

Sleep has always been an issue I have been meaning to address (amongst others!). Carolina’s course enlightened me to not only the importance of sleep hygiene, but also how important it is in relation to the hierarchy of health needs. I learned that good sleep has a positive knock on effect with diet, physical health, vitality as well as mental health. It was highly educational, and I learned about facets of sleep that I had never previously considered, such as my chronotype and how habits can impact on the quality of your sleep. Carolina even showed me how to set up my own sleep lab, and how to measure sleep quality using both accessible technology and also subjective experience, which are of equal importance. Most importantly, Carolina is very down to earth, relatable, and  passionate about her profession. She is always on hand to offer advice and support, she clearly loves her subject, and is dedicated to helping others achieve holistic health and wellness. She is totally herself in the educational videos. She is highly relatable, humorous and genuine. I highly recommend taking Carolina's course if sleep is an issue for you.

Robert Kent- Therapist

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