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One on One Sleep Coaching

A personilised programe based on your individuals needs.

Optimize your sleep with a personalized programme based on your individual needs. I'll provide you with all the necessary tools, resources and accountability on a one on one basis. I'll help you make sense of all the data we'll be gathering from our sleep lab and support you throughout your journey. This is my premium service and it is only for those  who are serious about taking their sleep to the next level and want to take control of their sleep once and for all.

Sleep to thrive

For companies who cares about their staff, not just about the profit.


Are you a company that cares about your staff? Do you want to increase productivity and profit by maximizing your staff's health? I have a program to educate and help get your staff more productive, focused, happier and healthier by helping them to sleep like cavemans so you can increase the productivity and profits while also improving overall work environment that will be filled with happy people.

Couple's Sleep coaching

Struggling to sleep with your partner?

Most couples struggle to sleep together. There's always one that has to sacrifice their sleep in the name of love. Now you don't have to anymore. With my couples sleep coaching I can help Identify what's happening during the night and help improve everybodies sleep according to their own individual needs.

Group Sleep Coaching

A more accessible and fun way to get the sleep coaching you need.


It is also a great way to meet people who are going through the same things as you. I create a community where you can get even more support, motivation and accountability.

DIY Sleep Course

An online video course teaching you all the science about sleep and strategies to improve- Do It Yourself version which is even more accessible.

Optimize your sleep with a my online video course. I'll provide you with all the necessary tools, resources so you can do it yourself and improve your sleep in a more cost-effective way.

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